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Polar bear © Naomi Stolow


Bring the beauty of Arctic Svalbard into your living space with this exquisite photograph of a Polar Bear foraging along the edge of a galcier.  This breathtaking photograph shows a polar bear hunting along the edge of a glacier.  It will be an asset to any wildlife enthusiast's collection. The beautifully captured photograph showcases the majestic creature in its natural habitat, surrounded by ice and snow.  With its striking presence, this Polar bear photograph will make a statement in any room it's displayed in.


Polar bear

PriceFrom £30.00
  • This polar bear was foraging for food on the edge of a large glacier. It is hard to imagine anything living in the harsh Arctic environment, but occasionally there were surprises, like this lucky sighting. I took this photo using a long lens from the front of the boat we were staying on.  

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