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Amateur Photographer Magazine

I was one of five photographers who take photographs close to home in an article called Local Guardians.

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Local Guardians in Amateur Photographer Magazine
Local Guardians Naomi Stolow interview page one of two
Local Guardians Naomi Stolow interview page two of two
The Sun magazine. Personal, provocative and ad-free

The Sun Magazine

I am a contributor of black and white images which accompany articles and occasionally appear on covers. 

Cover image - Polar Bear The Sun Magazine, October 2019

Cover image showing a Polar Bear on an issue about Global Warming 

The Sun Magazine black swan cover

Cover image showing black swan from Dawlish, South Devon

Lion at night
Stag at dawn

Leading image for an article - protecting what you love

Back page showing a lion at night

Cat in the hedge

Image of my cat to accompany a short story

article on pain

Image of my a nurse with patient, to accompany the Readers Write section on Pain

BPOTY Bird photographer of the Year Awards 2017

Bird Photographer of the Year

Kaliedoscope of female mallard's wing

Kaleidoscope image of a female mallard in the Creative category 2017

Bird Photographer of the Year 2018

Featured in the BPOTY 2017 book

Blackswan foraging

A black swan foraging in the Close Up category 2018

BPOTY book

Featured in the BPOTY 2018 book

BWPA logo

British Wildlife Photography Awards book and exhibition tour 

Stag at dawn

Stag at dawn, Richmond Park 

Outdoor Photography Magazine cover.
BWPA British Wildlife Photography Awards Collection 6 Book

The British Wildlife Photography Awards book and Exhibition Tour

Outdoor Photography Magazine article -  A moment with nature 

Outdoor Photography Magazine Article by Naomi Stolow
Sunday Times article
The Sunday Times logo
OPOTY Outdoor Photographer of The Year Winner Wildlife Insight

Outdoor Photographer of the Year book and exhibition

Elephant's trunk. OPOTY wildlife winning image

Elephant's trunk 

Winner of the Wildlife Insight category with my photograph of an elephant's trunk in closeup

OPOTY Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016 Book
Naomi Stolow's OPOTY winning image of an elephant's trunk

Double page in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year book

National Geographic logo

National Geographic Online

Stag at dawn

Stag at dawn, early morning in Richmond Park

Amur leopard

A very rare Amur Leopard 

National Geographic Your Shot

Amur Leopard used on YourShot (now closed) marketing



Outdoor Photography Magazine email featuring Naomi Stolow's photography

Outdoor Photographer Magazine newsletter

Naomi Stolow's online article by Outdoor Photography Magazine

Outdoor Photographer Magazine online feature

Naomi Stolow online article from The Mango Lab

The Mango Lab interview 


Hospiscare marketing materials

Hospiscare Impact Report cover image

Patient on the cover of the yearly Impact Report publication

Hospiscare peaceful last christmas is precious campaign image

Example from the Last Christmas is Precious campaign

Example from the Hospice Day Care facilities

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