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Arctic Svalbard: land of ice and sea

Icebergs, glaciers, wildlife and the edge of the Arctic Circle

The ice created patterns and colours to die for. I became obsessed with photographing them, even more so than the polar bears! Set within the magical light of the Midnight Sun it became obvious that icebergs are a dream to photograph. In the Zodiac we hugged our way around the aged ice, though not too close for fear of being sucked underneath! Sometimes the sun was in-front of the ice, lighting up sophisticated patterns, and sometimes behind, letting the sun shine through to reveal intricate  patterns and markings markings designed solely by mother nature.

Polar bears, bearded seals, harp seals, arctic foxes, arctic terns, fulmars, geese, kittiwakes, puffins, walruses, reindeer and more

It is really hard to imagine ANYTHING living in such a harsh Arctic environment, but out of the blue there were surprises - like a bearded seal  just lying there sublimely on a piece of ice - with its glorious whiskers and nostrils and giant paws. And what beautiful rich red fur on its head. -a deep rusty red head, not because it was born that way but because it spends so much of the day rummaging the iron rich sea bed for food.

The fascinating, ancient landscapes. It is eerie, mystical, mesmerising and stunningly beautiful.


The limited colours in the landscape ranged from chalky blue skies to incredible ranges of teals and turquoises in the sea and ice and the soft, pale buffy brown mountains and white snow often topped with the most beautiful patterns made of brown sand and earth. And the light cast down by the Midnight Sun was magical.

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