Dartmoor ponies

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Yesterday I drove home over to Dartmoor and on the way I saw 2 of the most beautiful Dartmoor ponies I think I’ve ever seen – I guess they were twins as they were always together.   I just had to stop the car and take their portraits. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Snail photography

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A dark and rainy afternoon, what better than go into the garden with a camera?

The Colour Rush in Teignmouth

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It was the first ever big Colour Rush on Teignmouth beach on Saturday 7th May 2016. Runners run amid coloured paints to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice. A fantastic day!

11 new photographs since moving to Devon

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Well I am now living on the south coast of Devon in a tiny village after too many years of hectic London life. This is a selection of the new photos I’ve been taking, enjoying the beautiful, bright yet soft coastal light.  All have been taken in the last 8 weeks in-between the chaos of […]

My camera club photo talk in the local paper

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I’ve just moved from the hustle and bustle of London down to a tiny village on the South Devon Coast, and the very first thing I do is join the local Camera Club. Why I hear you ask?  Well – it’s because I spotted an ad for it in the little village flyer that comes through the […]

A day in the recording studio

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Last Sunday I spent the day with Shani Solomons in the recording studio. She is recording her own songs into an album.  I love the songs and I  loved being there seeing how songs come together.. like audible photoshop!          

Why I love photographing impala

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Impalas are everywhere in South Africa, usually eating grass it seems. Most of the time they look relaxed, however they will immediately tense at the first sign of danger.  If it is safe to do so, one of them will make a very specific warning call to warn all their herd-mates.  Sometimes they won’t call though, for […]

My first blog post about the Kruger

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My recent Wild-Eye trip to the Kruger with Marlon du Toit The trip was: Amazing, astonishing, awesome, extraordinary, exciting, incredible, life-changing, magical, magnificent, phenomenal, spectacular, stunning, surprising, wondrous … in fact I could just list another hundred superlatives and it wouldn’t be enough. Why this safari? I have travelled with Wild-Eye once before – I love […]

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