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Coming back to life

After over a year of hardly any photography at all, I'm back doing it again - little and often. I havn't missed it, but I guess that's part of the reasons the camera has been on the shelf gathering dust.

I started going out at 5 or 6am a couple of weeks ago, and I find the the summer light really beautiful at that time of day - even when overcast. Now I am doing it most days - and I love the peace and quiet and I can really focus (excuse the pun).

Then time permitting, it's time for coffee and editing. Editing is impossible without music, and so far this morning I've listened to Van Morrison, Lady Gaga, George Michael, Paloma Faith, Teddy Swims. Sting, Freya Ridings, Dire Straits, Kate Bush, Bonnie Raitt, Ferron, Alicia Keys, David Bowie, Coldplay, Michael Kiwanuka, Lynard Skinnard, Smokie, Paul Weller and my new annoying earworm - Beyonce and Miley Cirus.  I enjoy the randomness of YouTube that seems to know exactly what I like. As I type, I have the Killers 'Some kind of love' playing which always makes me very thoughtful.

Anyway, I thought I'd gather up some favourites of the last week or so and these are they.


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