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One of my talks: 

It wasn’t excellent, it was brilliant, inspirational, warm and funny.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Naomi's presentation last night - entertaining and informative, oh, and awe inspiring photography! Together with Tony's show, the highlights of my membership so far!

I agree..well done excellent evening...brilliant images!

Great evening! We both enjoyed it very much. Your photos and bio-pics were a real treat. Great that our club has such talented members. Well done!

Really enjoyable evening Thanks Naomi

You were fine. It was varied, interesting and your images were seriously good. You are a natural in front of an audience.

I've said many times what a fabulous club we have. Not just the fun and friendship. We are so fortunate to have such talented members in our midst.

Our homespun evenings are always good. Naomi's evening last night was excellent.

Thanks Naomi for being so open, entertaining and inspiring. Your photos were pretty darn good too.

Wonderful evening Naomi, inspiring

Well done Naomi. I’ll come to you for help if I ever need an updated CV!

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation and photos yesterday evening.

It was most interesting and the photos were beautiful.

Thank you.


Proud of you, cuz!​

Sorry I missed it. Would love to hear about your photography journey or see some photos.

That's wonderful! I'm proud of you, not only for your talent and hard work, but also for taking the risk of putting your work OUT THERE, sharing your superb vision with others. Congratulations and thank you.



Very happy for you ! Sounds likean unforgettable evening.​

Well done are not only a superb photographer but ONE SPECIAL PERSON!

Well done​

Very cool, well done. Always so impressed by anyone who can do this. Just had to turn down another request to give a talk to a camera club, not a chance I could do it!​



Other messages: 

Need to find them...


I was showing my black swan photography to our local camera club and this woman came up to me afterwards and said that she walked past the black swans every day on her way to and from work, but before seeing my photos she never really knew what they really looked like. She told me she looks at them with interest now.

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