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I love taking photographs of wildlife and nature


I work both in my garden and further afield from the birds and their closeup feathers to the ice that sometimes forms on the pond.  I love to show how incredible nature is: out on the amazing plains of Africa, up on the Tundra lands above the Arctic Circle or while wandering around the hedgerows of the United Kingdom - where I am mostly found these days. 


Sometimes I tackle other projects with my camera such as portraits or events in order to challenge myself in new ways. With my regular photography for Hospiscare, I work unobtrusively and am most interested in capturing the interactions between people, such as a conversation between patient and nurse or family members and staff and my images are used regularly for marketing materials.  I help run the local photography club and enjoy the company of other photographers.


I am published in a few books and magazines and have had some successes in nature & wildlife photography competitions.  The most important thing though, is that photography is something I just love doing.

I studied Fine Art (sculpture, painting and printmaking) and then qualified and worked as a Montessori nursery teacher for 12 years.  Since 2000 I have worked both as an online designer and eCommerce manger.  I said my goodbyes to the London rat-race and now work freelance from my milking parlour home in South Devon.

I picked up my first 'proper' camera in 2013 after being inspired by Wild Photos - a weekend of wildlife photography in the National Geographic Society, presented by many of the great wildlife and nature photographers of our time. I was depressed and inspired in equal measures.  

Since that weekend I vowed to improve my photography and whenever time permitted I spent it working through the menus, settings and instruction manuals - determined to get the camera do what I wanted and not the other way around!

Although it would be nice, I am lucky enough not to have to make money from my photography.  My motivation waxes and wanes, but ultimately, it is something that I just love (and need) to do. 

See publications and images published in various places >>

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