Naomi Stolow and Simba

I love taking photographs of wildlife and nature


I love to show how incredible nature is: out on the amazing plains of Africa, up on the Tundra lands above the Arctic Circle or while wandering around the hedgerows of the UK. 


I studied fine art (photography in the darkroom, sculpture, painting and printmaking), worked as a nursery teacher for 12 years and have spent the last 19 years working both as an online designer and eCommerce manager. I said my goodbyes to the London rat-race recently and I now work freelance from here in South Devon. 

I picked up my first 'proper' camera in 2013 after being inspired by attending 'Wild Photos' - a whole weekend of wildlife photography in the National Geographic Society, presented by many of the great wildlife and nature photographers of our time. The event was themed  'The trials and tribulations of wildlife photography'.  By the end I was massively inspired and deeply depressed - in equal measures!


Since that weekend I vowed to improve my photography!  So whenever time permits I spend it working through the menus, settings and instruction manuals  - all in order to make my camera do what I want it to!


I am now a regular photographer for the hospice Hospiscare in Exeter and have had much work published by them on their website, booklets, marketing and around the building and on the wards. View some of my published images

Although I would love to, I do not make money from my photography - it is just something I love to do.


The Sun Magazine

I am a regular contributor of black and white images which accompany articles. In October 2019 I have my first cover image of a polar bear in an issue about Global Warming (see below)


Bird Photographer of the Year 2017, 2018

My photos of a close up of the black swans of Dawlish and a kaliedoscope of a mallard's wing also in the accompanying books

British Wildlife Photography Awards 

My photo of a stag at dawn during the rutting season went on tour and is in the accompanying book

Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Winner of the Wildlife Insight category with my photograph of an elephant's trunk in closeup

Outdoor Photography Magazine 

Feature about my accompanying image of a stag at dawn taken in Richmond Park.  Double page spread on my elephant's trunk photograph. 

The Sunday Times Magazine 

Also featuring my stag at dawn taken in Richmond Park

National Geographic Online

YourShot featured my photograph of a rare Amur leopard

NORP India - TFS Co-operation

Commissioned to photograph two projects in Delhi and South India

A selection of published photography

Cover image - Polar Bear The Sun Magazine, October 2019

Cover image - Polar Bear

The Sun Magazine, October 2019

BWPA British Wildlife Photography Awards Collection 6 Book
OPOTY Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016 Book
Bird Photographer of the Year 2018
BWPA British Wildlife Photography Awards
Outdoor Photography Magazine cover.
Naomi Stolow's OPOTY winning image of an elephant's trunk
OPOTY Outdoor Photographer of The Year Winner Wildlife Insight
BPOTY Bird photographer of the Year Awards 2017
The Sunday Times
The Sun magazine. Personal, provocative and ad-free
Outdoor Photography Magazine Article by Naomi Stolow
Naomi Stolow online article from The Mango Lab
Outdoor Photography Magazine email featuring Naomi Stolow's photography
Naomi Stolow's online article by Outdoor Photography Magazine