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10 Reasons it's good to be passionate about photography...

Thank you AJ for the suggestion. Here's my top ten 1. You can befuddle your friends Because you can entertain your friends by making them think you’ve dropped down dead when in fact your’e just lying on the (usually wet) earth photographing something at floor level. You can make your friends guess what you’re “seeing’ when they ask blankly “What IS so interesting about that xyz thing?” 2. It's just something to do Because it’s something to do if like me you can’t sing or dance, or do groan-up things like accounting. And more importantly, because if I’m holding the camera, no-one can take a picture of me. #mustgoonadietoneofthesedays 3. It’s a good left brain right brain workout Because photo

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Naomi Stolow , wildlife and nature photographer based in Dawlish, South Devon. 

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