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My homage to mother nature

Me in wind-protection mode These are some of the thought-steams going through my mind since getting back from Svalbard on Thursday. I'm trying to organise them by writing them down and this has helped, even if it is a bit of a smorgasbord! I am just back from 2 weeks of 24/7 daylight and 24/7 photography. It was wonderful, necessary, refreshing, inspiring and just what the doctor ordered - nature’s prozac at it’s best. I’d not been away anywhere for the last few years and needed to put myself into completely new, unchartered territory and to immerse myself in my photography. I was ready. I have traveled the globe fairly well and although I have been above the arctic circle twice in wintert

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Naomi Stolow , wildlife and nature photographer based in Dawlish, South Devon. 

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