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This year Bird Photographer of the Year is being hosted on Photocrowd

If you are not sure what Photocrowd is - then where have you been? It is one of the many trendy crowd-voting websites that is full of photo contests that you can 'enter', ‘like’ and 'vote' on and get a sense of pride and satisfaction with each new like you get… These websites exist on a diet of followers and influence. They appeal to our base instinct of being liked, being worthwhile, being complimented, being important. They pander to our own insecurities - when many like something you’ve done it’s somehow better than just you alone liking what you’ve done. Cynical? Moi? As if! What happened to doing things the way you want to do them and screw everyone else? Photocrowd and all the simi

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Naomi Stolow , wildlife and nature photographer based in Dawlish, South Devon. 

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