There is so much wildlife here in the UK.  When living in London I used to go to spend time with the deer at Richmond Park and the birds at the Wetlands Centre in Hammersmith.  Since I have moved to South Devon I am now close to the sea, Dartmoor National Park and the beautiful country lanes that meander around our village. 


The first 15 images here are of my favourite British mammals from a wonderful workshop I did with Bob Brind-Surch on 3rd + 4th September 2017. The first day was glorious sunshine and the second heavy rain. Both days were great and the rain led to more interesting images from the challenges it brought.  I learnt so much!  Here is the red fox,  pine marten, sika deer, boar and otter.


Naomi Stolow , wildlife and nature photographer based in Dawlish, South Devon. 

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