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I’ve just moved from the hustle and bustle of London down to a tiny village on the South Devon Coast, and the very first thing I do is join the local Camera Club.

Why I hear you ask?  Well – it’s because I spotted an ad for it in the little village flyer that comes through the door each month, plus the meeting place is just up the hill, in my village!

I’ve never been a member of any camera/photographic club before and I’ve discovered that this club contains and a great collection of like-minded people who also love photography. They have given me the warmest of welcomes to the area – and I truly appreciate that.

It was on my second evening at the club, that I clocked that they were debating what to do the following week, so that evening I emailed the organiser and offered to show some of my photography and talk through the images, to use up some of the spare time.

So on my third night at the club, not being by any means a natural presenter, I did my best by tweaking a presentation I’d done once before, and was amazed to see so many wide eyes filling the room as I moved on from one wildlife photograph to the next.  It was also great to be asked so many questions. I think I talked for about an hour and I actually loved doing it – I felt at ease standing up there and I left for home that evening feeling with my spirits lifted and with a renewed energy for carrying on with my photography!

The club is going to be good for me – there are some great photographers in it and I am looking forward to getting stuck in to some new projects and push my camera skills in unchartered ways!

And yesterday morning I open up the local paper, and what a wonderful write up I see!  Here it is.

You can see some of the images I presented and talked about on my website

Thank you!

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