11 new photographs since moving to Devon

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Well I am now living on the south coast of Devon in a tiny village after too many years of hectic London life.

This is a selection of the new photos I’ve been taking, enjoying the beautiful, bright yet soft coastal light.  All have been taken in the last 8 weeks in-between the chaos of renovating a new home.  I feel my photography is changing but can’t quite put my finger on what it is… can you? Any insights welcome!













  1. Ian
    19th April 2016

    Time, invested and available

  2. Nigel West
    19th April 2016

    Its the wonderful people you have met since moving here. That and the amazingly, horizontally laid back atmosphere. We’ll soon fix that!

  3. Josi
    19th April 2016

    I think your composition is more controlled. And your editing more confident and acute. Bravo!

  4. bob clowes
    21st April 2016

    They always say the fresh air in Devon is good for people.
    Nommie have brought a much-needed than a breath of fresh air to our Camera Club
    Do not, in the words of the song let anyone, or your own
    modestly or the lied back lifeDevon style ” Take your breath away”.

    We welcome you as a person and an incredible photographic talent
    that we old hands have so much we can learn from you.

    As for your new images they are fantastic, the range demonstrates that you great
    all round photographer not “just” an award willing wildlife photographer.

    Good luck on the Committee your breath of fresh air is needed and must not be deflected or deflated
    as you and the invaluable other new contribution are needed to contribute to the Winds of Change all would find refreshing. Bob

  5. Leah Ferguson
    21st April 2016

    All beautiful shots! I cannot pic a favorite but I absolutely love the bird in flight.

  6. jim jam james
    24th April 2016

    How has Devon changed you? Changed your composition ? To my eye, you always had a gift for composition, however, recently I sense more control and balance between foreground and background in combination with nature’s beautiful palette. In all I see something more balanced, with greater continuity and an emerging softness. Country life appears to agree with you.


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